Ykaro is a visual concert by It langstme en de Dea. The audience experiences Ykaro as a ritual, they are taken along in an intense and intimidating journey.
A team of artists, audiovisual designers and fashion designers create a total experience where all the senses are adressed.
The audience will be invited into a circle of monumental pillars, lit up from the inside which also work as projection screens. A choreography of pulsing light and color will take the audience into a physical trance.
Ykaro was premiered on 25 september 2010 at the Freeze Festival in Stadschouwburg de Harmonie in Leeuwarden.
It Langstme en de Dea is the musical production platform of Laurens van der Meulen (o.a. Jean Parlette / Lawn).
Concept and music: Laurens van der Meulen
Staging advice and dramaturgy: Maria Noel Dourron
Stage design: Bouke Groen
Light and video: Buro Lamp en Kap