In moaie jûn / 2013

Ira Judkovskaja, Tryater´s artistic director, has with In moaie jûn (A lovely evening) written her first (long) play. Ira describes situations right out of life and looks at them with humor.
The plot: Annelys celebrates the first Christmas since her divorce. In her childhood home, with her father and her son, who still believes in Santa Claus. It promises to be a lovely evening, the father will dress up as Santa Claus, and two childhood friends of Annelys will drop by. But soon it becomes clear that all four present are trying to get their lives back on track. They all want to move on, or think they have to. Except, how do you know that you move forward and not backward?
text and direction: Ira Judkovskaja
translation: Bouke Oldenhof
Poems: Peter Sijbenga
Stage design: Maria Dourron
Costumes: Linda Eijssen
Music: Laurens van der Meulen
Lightdesign: Henk van der Kooi
Nynke Heeg
Joop Wittermans
Lysbeth Welling
Wouter van Oord