popfabryk & Laurens van der Meulen

De Popfabryk is the productionhouse for popculture in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. The organization develops, produces and distributes new expressions of pop culture. No factory of standarized commodities, but for innovatie and creative concepts. De Popfabryk focuses on pop culture and therefore aims for the cross-over collaboration between artistic disciplines.
Laurens van der Meulen is a musician and entrepreneur. He has played and composed freelance for several bands in the Netherlands and outside.
Co-founder of Hilbrandt, HET VATICAAN, among others, and member of the collective Heksenhamer. He plays regularly with Meindert Talma en Willie Darktrousers.
He is also a professor at the Academie voor Popcultuur, and composes music for theatre and the visual arts, in companies such as Tryater and the Peergroup.

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